Building a positive culture with a LIKE button

People make fun of how Facebook has turned us into tech junkies and disconnected in real life from people. The truth is exactly opposite.

I still remember, a few years ago (before Facebook) when I meet from old engineering friends in Mumbai (I was visiting from US). I expected that these guys being in Mumbai would be in regular touch, but to my surprise they had not kept in touch at all. So why is that? And how does it work now in the tech connected era?

I think that, to maintain second and third degree connections, we need to have many small / micros opportunity to share, update and know what’s going on. It is not practical to expect that people would take out half a day to meet second and third connections that are not watered regularly.

With technology, it is now possible for me to “stay connected”, build perceptions and subtlety without direct effort water second and third degree relationship.

In another story, I caught up with an old engineering friend a few years after being connected on Facebook. This interaction was amazingly different. In the two years leading up to the meeting, we both were reasonably active on Facebook, sharing personal updates, thoughts and ideas about what we value and I was also sharing

updates related to a startup called TaaraGo that I had.  Amazingly, out comfort with each had built so much so, that he himself brought up the topic of potentially investing in TaaraGo.

I believe that this happened because our mutual and understanding of each was nurtured without direct effort.

Now, as a business leader, can you imagine the benefits of such connectedness in your organization? And how would you nurture it differently than Facebook (since it is work context).


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