Book Review: Can People Development be your core business strategy?

Technologies change, markets are volatile and your business ideas and strategy could be ineffective. In such scenarios, how does a leader ensure that the company will succeed? It all boils down to two factors “capabilities” and “resilience” that they build in the organization.

In essence, there are few companies who have realized that making “people development” their core business strategy is the way to build a resilient and successful organization.

Having a “People Development” strategy means that the company continuously focuses on creating a culture that welcomes, nurtures and aligns towards “growth” of each and everyone in the company. It means that the company creates “An Everyone culture”.

Recently, I read “An Everyone Culture” by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. The book covers three case studies of what they call DDOs (Deliberately Development Organization). They cover all the benefits of being a DDO, deeper understanding of human motivation, how creative energies are created and used (or wasted) in organizations and provide tools for an organization can become DDO.

This book makes a comprehensive and compelling case for People Development Strategy. Check it out here:
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